Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Promise by a Future Doctor.

Think for a minute honestly.
Is it you who chose which bank account to open and what to do with it?
Is it you who decide/d what you want to be taught (atleast in college if not school)?
What you want to eat when you're sitting at your favourite restaurant?
Where and how your house should be built?
What mobile offers you want? Or what internet plan you want?
I bet your answer would be a "yes" to most of these questions.

But is it you who decide what treatment is appropriate, what tablets to take, for how many days, what alarming signs you should look for and when should the treatment be changed for your particular illness? (unless you are a doctor yourself, it would be a "no")
Do you now see the problem I do? 

For the efficient delivery of any tertiary sector service, the participation of both the parties, the service provider and the receiver would be important. Then why should health sector be an exception to this? Why should we dump the complete responsibility of treating an illness on a doctor and make it inefficient? (unless the doctor is a superman :P).
I believe it's easy for health sector to become a one sided participation because of the low health literacy among the common people.
The importance of letting the patient know what your treatment plan/regimen can not be overstressed especially when it comes to management of chronic illnesses and while dealing with many co-morbid conditions .
This example might explain it better.  
Suppose I started treating a patient Y for a particular condition and I have the protocol of management clear in my mind."5 days of injection and then I'll switch to oral therapy for a month", I think and prescribe the injections for 5 days forgetting to tell him my complete plan or to document it anywhere. Y comes to me after 5 days with a new symptom of his illness. Now I get involved in the management of the new symptom completely forgetting to put him on oral therapy for the previous problem as thought earlier.
Let me rewind and change the story a bit.
Lets say I prescribe him the injections for 5 days and take an extra minute to tell him my plan of switching to oral therapy after 5 days and document it.
And the story follows: X comes to me after 5 days with a new symptom which I'm concentrating on. But then he also tells me, "doctor what about the oral medication you had told that you'll be starting?" Or I notice his previous record in which I've documented my plan.
Didn't that help me and the patient in turn in the efficient management of his condition?
I've heard people gobbling pills for unnecessarily longer duration. For instance my mother herself was taking tablets for carpel tunnel syndrome for longer than the requirement which we realised only after our visit to the doctor after a long time.

So before I become a doctor, and forget what I'd once decided to do, I wanted to make this promise. To deliver 100% quality service, I'll make sure I spend that extra minute in documenting and explaining to the patients what they need to know so it makes their life and our job easier!
I promise.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

PK, a Threat to Me

I HATE updating myself.
And someone helping others think and change themselves for their betterment, and for the good of the society is the last thing I would support.
This is what I am, and I can prove it to you.
First, let me tell you more about me.
I basically know how the world works. So, its pretty easy to exploit people.
I love to watch movies which have "masala", with absolutely nil brain stimulation and which maintains my state. 
But once in a while I do enjoy the ones which are trying to change people for good. Which make people rethink and question themselves/their beliefs. Oh! Don't fall into the false notion that I watch them to change MY thoughts. I watch them so I can help people NOT change/ rethink.      

For instance, recently there was a big threat to all religions by a movie called "PK". The movie questioned the beliefs of ALL religions. Just QUESTIONED not CRITICIZED (yes, Hindu practices were portrayed more, but no religion was spared).
The protagonist who was an alien in the movie learnt that a Godman was what he called a "wrong number". He realised people were getting blindly fooled, betrayed, looted. Religion is a form to reach God. But he clearly stated that God doesn't need a body guard, there is no need to kill people to protect religion and God. And he asked the audience to choose to believe in God Himself but not the one made by people.
Audience were made to rethink. Rethink about their beliefs, practices, godmen.
I sensed a threat in all this. Because this meant, some people would CHANGE. Godmen would be questioned. People would open their minds, would stop getting fooled. And you know how I HATE change.
I had to stop this. So I watched the movie enough times to create strategies. I must have mentioned that I know how the world works.      
And so, I know how religion works too. So my task was pretty easy.
I belong to NO religion. By "no religion", I don't mean "not a believer". I do respect all religions. But I used this as a weapon to stop the movie from making changes to the weapons themselves.
I planted in the minds of the people and various religious associations the false belief that the movie is criticizing their respective religions. And that the movie must be banned. The theaters running the movie must be attacked. I was almost successful in the beginning. I could convince all religions that their practices were condemned.
But I don't know where I went wrong. The theaters are still running house full. People supporting the movie are more than those criticizing it. Maybe people are getting smart. I can't fool many unlike before. They are liking change. I might have to eventually die disappointed.
~ Status Quo